About Us

Farrell & Rhonda Pickering

Farrell Pickering attended SUSC in the field of Engineering and excels in spacial skills and conceptual logic. He has combined a love of the scriptures, numbers, and science to explore fascinating relationships about the treasures left for us in the heavens, in the earth, and in God’s Word.

Rhonda Pickering has taught seminary and administrated private schoolfor over 30 years and is a passionate student of Isaiah, the ancient Feasts of Israel, and Biblical Astronomy. Through our studies we have developed a profound love and appreciation for the perfection of God’s Plan of Exaltation—past, present, and future. Many of these findings are profoundly intertwined in types and shadows in the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew calendar. It is our passion to share our on-going discoveries with others, and to shine the light of hope for future generations. Come join us in the journey!

You may Contact Us @ propheticappointments@gmail.com