Adam-ondi-Ahman The King Returns -  Presentations 1 & 2 (56 min. + 45 min.)

April 2020 Presented by Farrell Pickering (online presentations parts 1 & 2)

From Farrell’s discoveries about Daniel’s numbers, we learn that the Spring Feasts of Israel or “appointed times” from ancient Israel’s Exodus out of Egypt were not only rehearsals for the 1st Coming of Jesus Christ, but also for Adam-ondi-Ahman!

  1. The discovery of how the mysterious numbers of Daniel all fit together as counting markers of days between the appointed times or feasts of Israel leads to astounding information relative to when Adam-ondi-Ahman takes place.
  2. Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits—God keeps His appointments at the 1st Coming of Jesus Christ.
  3. Shavuot (Pentecost) and Christ’s visit to the Nephites—when was Jesus’ birthday?
  4. Firstfruits and the mission of the 144,000 at Adam-ondi-Ahman: Angels with the Everlasting Gospel and the Fall of Babylon (Trumpets 5 & 6—D&C 88:103–105; Rev 14:6–8)

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