Appointment #6: DAY OF ATONEMENT (Yom Kippur) (2 hr. 36 min.)

Fall Feasts (2nd Coming Prophecies)

August 2021 Presented by Rhonda Pickering

Positioned as the highest and most holy day of the year on a Hebrew calendar, this ancient temple rehearsal was symbolic in every way of the prophetic and future time when Israel as a nation will again know and be reconciled with her God. This appointed day of forgiveness of national sin, both individually and collectively, will come to its grand finale on the Mount of Olives at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ when Jesus comes on earth to reign as King of kings. Come to the Battle of Armageddon and see one of the greatest symbolic prophecies ever recorded in scripture!

     Highlights include: The Jubilee year; the Mount of Transfiguration; the earthquakes in Rev. 6:12–17 and 8:1–5; the resurrections in D&C 88:95–98 and Dan. 12:1–2; the sin offering of the two goats as two parts of one sacrifice; the mission of the scapegoat in Isa. 52–53 and 41–46; two witnesses, 24 elders, an earthquake, and great hail in Rev. 11:15–19 and 16:17–21; the power of atoning blood; the Day of Battle in Zech. 14:1–7 and Isa. 63:2–4; and a Celebration of Thanks in Rev. 15:2–3 and 19:1–9!