At the Time Appointed (moedim) the End Shall Be (Dan. 8:19) (57 min.)

April 2021 Presented by Farrell Pickering

All of Daniel’s and John the Revelator’s numbers play out with beautiful, mathematical precision in the End Time!

In this presentation we will take an in-depth look into exactly how Daniel's and John the Revelator’s scriptural numbers are fulfilled—and their precise relationship in our time with the Lord’s moedim or prophetic appointments. These “rehearsals” (translated as feasts in the KJV) are the means by which Moses revealed the spiritual creation of the End Time over 3,500 years ago.  Gabriel, through Daniel’s numbers, revealed the timing of Christ’s atonement to the very day at His First Coming; and with that same precision, has also given us a picture of His return in just a few short years from now. Buckle up and join us in the adventure!