Appointment #7: FEAST OF TABERNACLES Parts 1–4 (Sukkot) (2 hr. 16 min. + 1 hr. 33 min. + 1 hr. 26 min. + 1 hr. 22 min.)

FALL FEASTS (2nd Coming Prophecies)

October–December 2021 Presented by Rhonda Pickering

Part 1: Shelters in the Storm and the Gathering of the Branches of Israel   (2 hr 16 min)

Part 2: Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles—Living Water and Light of the World  (1 hr 33 min)

Part 3: The 8th “Great Day,” the “Door,” the “Good Shepherd,” and 70 Bulls  (1 hr 26 min)

Part 4: Tabernacles in the Book of Mormon and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (1 hr 22 min)


Feast of Tabernacles Part 1: During the Feast of Tabernacles the children of Israel build huts called “sukkot” and wave branches called “lulavim.” Learn about these prophetic shelters in the storm and how three branches of the house of Israel will bring forth good fruit in the endtime during the dawning of the Day of the Lord!




Feast of Tabernacles Part 2: Celebrations come to a grand finale on the 7th Day of Tabernacles marching seven times around the alter accompanying the great Hosanna Shout! Come to the ancient temple and find hidden truths in Jesus’ Healing of the Man Born Blind and the Woman Taken in Adultery as Jesus reveals deep prophetic significance about the 8th Great Day of Tabernacles.




Feast of Tabernacles Part 3: There is an important difference between the 8th “Great Day” of Tabernacles and the great “Day of the Lord.” Learn what Jesus was actually telling the Pharisees when he declared “I AM the Door” and “I AM the good shepherd” in the wake of the Feast of Tabernacle celebrations. Contemplate the significance of the daily decreasing offering of 70 bulls representing 70 nations of the world during the festival days, and how it may impact us individually in the endtime.




Feast of Tabernacles 4: Why did Mormon include the coronation of a king and the re-covenant process of a people with the Lord during a Feast of Tabernacles event in his careful construction of the Book of Mormon? Are there purposefully hidden patterns embedded there for us to pick up on? Finally, learn how ancient Hebrew Wedding celebrations and the Tabernacle in the Wilderness give us further prophetic patterns that parallel those rehearsed in the Feasts of the Lord—in our personal journey to meet our Coming Bridegroom!