Isaiah Class 22 (8.1B) The Savior & Death, the Common Enemy (1 hr. 22 min.)

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Isaiah 6265 
    • The End from the Beginning, Gileadi (1997) pp. 117–129; (2012) pp. 91–103

As covenant curses begin to reverse in Isaiah, we find four well-known “Servant Songs” in chapters 40–66 that combine to portray servants of God throughout the ages—including the Lord’s endtime Davidic servant and those that follow him. At the heart of this willingness of God’s endtime servants to descend, we find the Savior Jesus Christ as their exemplar and the several ways in which He overcame sin and death through faithful covenant keeping—as memorialized in the three prophetic gifts brought by the Magi. Highlights include Gethsemane and Passover parallels; the constellation Libra; name meanings of the first 10 Patriarchs in the Bible and the 12 Sons of Jacob; and the hidden message in the chiastic centers of the stories of the Fathers of Israel.