Isaiah Class 23 (8.2B) God’s Grand Reversal—Overcoming Death (2 hr.)

Reading Assignment: I

  • Isaiah 51 66 
  • The End from the Beginning, Gileadi (1997) pp. 129–130; (2012) pp. 103–104


Through the atonement of Christ and the faithfulness of the saints, Death and Hell are conquered, vanquished, and finally destroyed in three stages that can be seen symbolically in Mosaic rituals associated with the ashes of the red heifer and the cleansing of the leper—ancient pictures of death itself. Using the pattern established at Creation that what is created in six epochs plays out in the seventh—we can see how the grand finale of the work of Christ plays out on the 7th Last Day of the Millennial Feast of Tabernacles. Highlights include Ophiuchus, Serpens & Corona; Death vs. Life in the ancient Tabernacle; the Pure Love of Christ (charity); Leo, Hydra, Crater (the cup) & Corvus (the raven); curse reversals between the books of Genesis and Revelation; and Trespass (ram) and Fellowship offerings as they parallel Christ’s victory over death and our restoration to eternal life. Understand more about when, why, and how death is overcome—and the unfathomable love of God!