Isaiah Class 26 (10.1B) Nephi’s Great & Marvelous Sandwich (2 hr. 8 min.)

Using a literary structure called “bracketing,” Nephi gives us a hidden picture of the “great and marvelous work” of the latter days. Choosing selective stories from their wilderness journeys (1 Nephi 15–19) and quoting two chapters of Isaiah in full (1 Nephi 20–21; Isaiah 48–49), Nephi teaches us about this great and marvelous work through prophetic sequences, types & shadows, and the words of Isaiah. Commencing with the coming forth of the “lesser part” of the Book of Mormon in phase one, the “greater things” or “words of Christ” come forth in a phase two—after the scattering of the Lamanites. Consisting of writings in the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon and “other books,” this “second great work” convinces repentant Gentiles and the three branches of the house of Israel that Jesus is their Messiah, the Savior of the world. As more and more evidence comes forth that Jesus is the Christ, people’s loyalties polarize creating “two churches only”—the Church of the Lamb, and the church of the devil, leading to deliverance or destruction. Highlights include David Whitmer’s interview; Mosiah Hancock’s journal; George Washington’s vision; Joseph Smith’s son, David Hyrum; Nephi’s parallels in Exodus and Isaiah; the 72 Names of God & the “Roaring of the Lions”; and the “due times” of the Lord.

Reading Assignment: 1 Nephi 13–22

The Last Days: Types and Shadows from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, Gileadi (1998)

 ¡  Chapter 2: “A Great and Marvelous Work to Come Forth” pp. 55–108