Isaiah Class 16 (5.2B) The Babylon Umbrella (2 hr. 20 min.)

Laying a foundation for the Harlot Babylon in Isaiah, 1 Nephi, Daniel, and Revelation, we then proceed to look at Isaiah's 10 "Oracles against the Nations" in chapters 13–23—which are juxtaposed with the “Fall of Babylon” in Chapter 47. Isaiah gives us a fascinating picture of end-time Babylon using types and shadows! Highlights include Clean and Unclean Animal charts; a pictorial Overview of the chiastic parallels in John’s Revelation; the beasts of Daniel and John; Daniel’s Hour of Judgment timeline; and the onset of ALL the “labors” (Jehovah’s, Zion’s, the Woman who brings forth a man child, Babylon’s, and the Earth’s Inhabitants) during the Day of the Lord—called the Birthpangs of the Messiah!