Isaiah Class 21 (7.2 B) Role Models & Temple in Isaiah’s Ladder (2 hr.)

Because Jacob’s Ladder is defined in Genesis 28 as the “Gate of Heaven” and was revealed to him on the very mountain where Solomon’s temple would be built, we can make direct connections between Isaiah’s Ladder to Heaven, a priesthood covenant ministering pattern, and symbolism in the temple itself. Join our little stick-figure Israelite as he ascends the ladder to heaven symbolically while journeying on the straight and narrow path through the ancient Tabernacle in the Wilderness. The spiritual levels he chooses will correspond to three prophetic children who act as role models in the book of Isaiah, and you may understand the ascension process depicted in both the ladder to heaven and temples as never before. Highlights include Hosea’s three children, Micah as Isaiah’s prophet-friend, Mormon’s bracket of the deliverance of Zion in the Book of Mormon (Helaman 6–3 Nephi 6), a Call to Ascend, the Puzzle Allegory, and the focus of Creation in Isaiah 40.