Isaiah Class 3 (1.3B) Ancient Codenames & Types (1 hr 30 min)

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Isaiah 8; 10; 19–20; 30–31
    • The End from the Beginning, Gileadi (1997) pp. 20–26; (2012) pp. 15–20

Learn Isaiah's codenames: “Assyria” and “Egypt” as two opposite political entities and “Zion” and “Babylon” as two opposite spiritual entities. Some highlights are: Biblical antiChrist names; Perseus & Andromeda; Isaiah's use of selective history (Ahaz); some linking metaphorical pseudonyms for “king of Assyria”; the Lake of Fire; Jerusalem's Rocks Cry Out!; David Whitmer’s interview; the book of Daniel’s governing chiasm; and George Washington’s vision.