Isaiah Class 4 (2.1B) The Fairytale & Example of Structure + Ruth (1 hr. 15 min. + 50 min)

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Isaiah 7; 61; Book of Ruth
    • The End from the Beginning, Gileadi (1997) pp. 27–34; (2012) pp. 21–26

Isaiah is the grandest Fairytale [Disinheritance & Inheritance]! Learn about Isaiah's use of Stones & Metals; Isaiah’s & Ahaz’s children in chapter 7; The Hero Journey (Sinuhe); Modern Literary Structure Examples; Israel's Backstory as a Hero Journey; Kings as Examplars & Jacob/Father as Israel’s type; and Ruth as a part of the Hero Journey.

Part 2 - Book of Ruth

Let’s take a closer look at the Book of Ruth as part of Israel's Backstory—detailing the Hero Journey traveled hand-in-hand with Boaz (the Redeemer), Israel (Naomi), and the Gentiles (Ruth & Orpah). Also highlighted are Noah’s Raven and Dove, and the constellation Argo (Happy Homecoming).