Isaiah Class 28 (10.3B) Mormon's Secret Combination Sandwich (1 hr. 3 min. + 1 hr. 4 min.)

    Mormon strategically places an amazing bracketing structure (a “sandwich”) in the Book of Mormon just before the first coming of Jesus Christ in 3rd Nephi as a parallel to the latter-day restoration of the house of Israel just before the second coming of Jesus Christ in our day! Inside the parallel “secret combination” chapters of Helaman 6 and 3 Nephi 6 we find three stories of five chapters each, telling us through types and shadows about the mission and empowerment of the latter-day servant (Nephi, son of Helaman); prophecies of the 2nd Coming of Christ (Samuel the Lamanite); and the Redemption of Zion (Lachoneus & Gidgiddoni). Highlights include: Chiastic structures and parallelisms between Helaman 6 and 3 Nephi 6; other literary devices used by Mormon throughout these chapters; insightful parallels from the book of Isaiah; Ezra’s Eagle (2 Esdras 11–12), Daniel’s 4th beast (Dan. 7) and the two beasts of John the Revelator (Rev.13) described in interconnected, chiastic panels; Lachoneus’ “places of security” in southern Illinois; a “lion” among the flocks of sheep (3 Ne. 21); and the “change of branches” in Jacob 5.

Reading Assignment: Helaman 63 Nephi 6 ; + 2nd Esdras 11–12 (Ezra’s Eagle)

Adapted from  Isaiah—Key to the Book of Mormon and Book of Mormon Keys to Isaiah, “Book of Mormon Structures,” Gileadi (2019) 

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