Isaiah Illustrated Introduction — Isaiah Class 00: Literary Structures in Isaiah (20 min)

This 20-minute visual presentation of the Literary Structures in the Book of Isaiah is an introduction to the book Isaiah Illustrated available of PDF. Isaiah Illustrated is a compilation of the works of Dr. Avraham Gileadi, simplified for a young adult audience.

It is easy to get lost in the maze of “signs of the times” and prophecy, and it is natural to be afraid when we are lost. Yet the Lord has commanded us NOT to be afraid. He has promised not even a sparrow will fall to the ground unnoticed! When we begin to understand how intricately God is orchestrating the events of this earth and to see the precision of His timing, we are set free from fear as it dissolves into awe and praise!

With these keys, prophecy will begin to be unlocked, our confidence in God's plan will grow, and we can develop the faith and trust we will need to walk faithfully through the Great Events of the Last Days.